February 28, 2017

Simple Laundry Instructions to Take the Load Off at College Easily


College isn’t the place where anyone thinks about laundry. However, taking good care of your clothes can help in boosting your confidence in the campus. Therefore, you need to learn how to upkeep and care for your clothes. Doing laundry on your own is one of the easiest methods to prove that you can manage things all by yourself.    

Check out this handy guide on how to do your laundry, if you are going off to college or there is some you know who is heading to start their academic year.

  1. Laundry supplies: It is a good idea to buy supplies that are needed to clean clothes. Some of them are:
    • Detergent
    • A laundry bag or basket
    • Dryer sheets

Before starting college it is better to have a sturdy laundry basket that is divided into two different sections. It is convenient as you can keep the cleaning products on one side and dirty clothes on the other.

  1. Separate your laundry: You can separate it in multiple ways but keeping them in four loads like dark coloured clothes, white, light, jeans, beddings and delicates. If you do not separate them then there is a chance that your clothes will get ruined.
  2. Choose an appropriate time: It is better to do your laundry when the other college students are asleep or busy in any other activity. It will help you save time as you wouldn’t have to face any queue for getting the washer and do your job without getting in others way. So, choosing the right time is so important to take care of cleaning your clothes easily.
  3. Save the change: Laundry isn’t free, even if you are cleaning your own clothes. Therefore, try to save the change that you get and keep it aside in a container or bag. Many colleges might even allow you to use your debit card to pay for using the washer and dryer.
  4. Laundry settings: The washer might seem a little odd and complicated if you are doing your laundry for the first time. Firstly, check the tags on your clothes for instructions. Some items might get ruined or the colour might fade if washed in a washing machine. Do not throw your sweater or any woolen clothing inside the washer, as it might shrink the clothes.    

Next, choose the correct water temperature to wash your clothes:

  • Hot for lines, whites and towels
  • Cold for woolens, sweaters and delicates
  • Warm water can be used for other clothes
  1. Iron and fold your laundry: After the clothes are all dried, iron them if there are creases on the clothes. Do not iron woolen and delicate item as it might get ruined or burnt. Fold up your clothes and put it away. This way it will easier to keep track of items that are clean.

Washing clothes is not a tough job. Add it your weekly list and you will find it quite easy to manage this chore.