March 31, 2017

Selecting Your Customised Laundering Service at your fingertips

Time is precious and laundry services in London believe in this more than others. Most of them have come up with smart, user-friendly software applications to make things easier for their customers. Thus, the days to say goodbye to detergents, washing machines, fabric softeners and drying rails seem to have already arrived. You can even secure impressive iron service for your laundered clothes through these apps. 

These impressive apps for laundry services are widely available in Mayfair, London, Kensington and other nearby places, making life easier for the ordinary people in ways more than one. The overall process to place your order hardly takes a couple of minutes and two to ten taps of the finger, depending upon the complexity of an order. 

The app works transparently and there is no hidden cost associated with it. As a customer, you are only charged after your order is confirmed by the laundering service. You will also enjoy free collection and delivery facilities that are automatically allotted by the system. Thus, dry cleaning services have been thoroughly revamped, upgrading itself to the ongoing digital age. 

Working with this app is very easy and anyone can use it without any hassle. Here’s a hands-on description on how the app works:

In step #1, you fill up your location in the home screen text box. As you press the submit button, you’re taken to the next page.

There using the dropdown box, you select the pickup and delivery schedule. Suppose, you select the pickup date 29 March 2017 in between 05:00 to 06:00 PM. There is also the option to select the service on same schedule on weekly and fortnight (once in two weeks) basis. As you press the submit button on the second page, you are redirected to the next page.

Here, you fill in your contact information, including name, address, phone number and email. After filling in your contact details, as you click the submit button, all your personal information gets saved to the laundering service database. Their professionals will contact you in time and finalise all minute details personally to suit your convenience. 


Professional dry cleaners at Mayfair will contact you easily to facilitate the pickup and delivery facilities of your clothes. There is no extra charge for it.  Your respective laundering service will also press and polish your clothes, before folding, hanging or boxing them for delivery. 

There is still a small task left at your end. Just put all your dirty clothes in a bag (no need to count them) and the laundering professionals will drop by on your specified time and pick up the bag. They will do the counting at their facility.